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August 3, 2008

My Favorite Midnight Seduction Authors

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Midnight Seductionhas been having a party all weekend on their yahoo loop.  They are giving away tons of prizes and for the grand prize you have to pick 5 of their authors and choose which of their books you would like to read and why.  This is hard because there are SO many good authors who are members, but following is my favorite 5.  🙂  If you go to the Midnight Seduction Blog you will find links to all the members.  In no particular order here are the 5 authors and the books I would love to read from each of them.

A Vampire in Waikiki by AJ Llewellyn

First…I LOVE vampires and second read this blurb!  OMG it sounds GREAT!

Gay-for-pay porn star Jimmy Thunder doesn’t just have a double life. He’s got three. Just when he thinks he’s got all his big secrets under control, he discovers mind-blowing sex and the emerging feelings of true love with his gay co-star, Angelis.

And it’s no fluke. These guys just can’t keep their hands off each other, doing unscripted, hot sex scenes which thrill their director but for Jimmy, it’s one more problem he doesn’t need. His most recent ex girlfriend claims she’s pregnant, his current girl is fighting deportation and just what is that deadly entity lurking in Angelis’ second bedroom?

Jimmy knows an other-worldly monster when he feels one. He ought to know, because Jimmy’s a vampire. Sleeping by day, hiding out at night, Jimmy’s many secrets are about to collide, in the sinister, dark side of tropical Waikiki few visitors ever see.


My Funny Valentine by Kissa Starling

Kissa is a great author and this story is sounds too funny!  Here is the blurb.

Maurice is the Gilligan of love angels. He can’t seem to do anything right. When he’s called up to the white room by the superiors he’s given a challenge: couple these humans or switch over to the death realm. A new partner and the fact that these humans live on opposite sides of the country are two factors that won’t help his quest. Come along for the adventure and you will find yourself smiling, sighing, and laughing out loud. You may even have an ahh moment at the end!

Satin Seduction by L.A. Day

This blurb is GREAT and this is only a snippet.  You can find more on her site.  LA is a great author an I love a full figured lead.


Nicole James is a designer for Satin Seduction. Her dream is to create and produce a line of lingerie that flatters the figure of rubenesque females. As a full figured woman, she knows the trials of finding comfortable and flattering lingerie. She designs the line and takes her pitch and samples to Jake, the new owner of Satin Seduction. He seems approachable and he did inspire more than a few of her sexy designs. She knows she can’t compete with the thin, sexy models that grace the studio but she hopes her designs can compete with some of the best.

Jake Malone has wanted Nicole since he purchased Satin Seduction. When she comes to his office one afternoon to pitch a line of lingerie for full-figured females, he sees an opening. He’s interested in the line but more interested in her.

Bid for Love by Savannah Chase

I’ve read this on already and it ROCKS.  Savannah is very talented and I can’t wait for more of her work.  Here is a blurb.

Her fantasy man is up for auction. Will Nico dare to bid?

Nico’s history of romantic disasters has taught her when she gambles on men, she fated to lose. That doesn’t stop her from secretly lusting after Jeff, the handsome construction worker she sees everyday on her way to work.

When the New York’s Sexiest Bachelor auction begins and Jeff comes up on the block, she’s seriously tempted to place a bid. The wager can’t be taken lightly — it might be for a good cause, but she’s making a bid for love……

Gabriel’s Gun by Tess Mackall

This story just sounds so excited.  Tess is great and I can’t wait for to read this.  Here is he blurb.

      After leaving his last conquest, Gabriel continues his ride, working his magic and wreaking havoc on the lives of the women he touches. And this time his gun is for hire! Someone has taken a shot at movie idol, Jillian Traynor and the glamorous diva of the silver screen is none too pleased to find herself in hiding right before a major premiere. But all it takes is one look at Gabriel and her body is set aflame. Like the chameleon he is, Gabriel slips into her world, giving new meaning to the word bodyguard. What motivates this mysterious stranger? Will Jillian be the woman who finally brings him to heel? Sex, lies, and big bucks. Only Gabriel has the answers.


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  1. Jambrea, omg , thank you so much for posting this….It means so much to hear that from you…Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Comment by Savannah Chase — August 9, 2008 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

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