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August 9, 2009

Spotlight 8 – Jess Dee

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Jess Dee….Oh…Jess Dee. I’m trying to remember when I first met Ms. Dee. I’m sure it was through the Samhain Yahoo Group. I KNOW I’ve reviewed her wonderful books. But those two reasons are not the only reason I love Jess Dee. I finally started working on my first story. I had a wow moment when I finished it. I’m not sure how the conversation came about, but Jess Dee, THE Jess Dee offered to look at it. I sent her Dreams. She offered some awesome advice and helped me start my path to publishing. Now, the story she helped me with is getting ready for a November release. Too crazy!

Jess is always there to help and I love her for it. Now…how to score a ticket to visit her. V and I tried to get her to pick up the tab, I think I need to get back to her on that. heehee Usually when she has a new release you can see us on the cafe teasing back and forth about it. It’s FUN! 🙂

So congrats Jess Dee on all your success and I’m wishing you so much more!

All of these books can be found at Samhain Publishing


Jess also contributed to Samhain’s Menage and More anthology. Her story A Question of Trust is available in ebook or you can now find it in print in a story called Three’s Company (Jayne’s story Nice and Naughty is in there as well!)

question of trustthree

She also has a story available in the Boys Down Under anthology at Aspen Mountain Press. IH’s very own Valerie Tibbs designed the cover! Gorgeous!


Jess will be giving away a book of choice from her backlist. Or a packet of TimTams! Winner’s choice. Don’t forget to go to these other blogs for more chances to win!



  1. Aye, she is a dear 🙂

    Comment by Tez Miller — August 11, 2009 @ 5:17 am | Reply

  2. Jess, Congrats again! You really deserve to be in the spotlight! Jambrea, good luck on getting Jess to pick up the tab…lol

    Comment by Rhonda — August 11, 2009 @ 6:03 am | Reply

  3. Love Ms. Dee to pieces! :* MWAH!

    Congrats on your new cover too, missy!


    Comment by Valerie Tibbs — August 11, 2009 @ 11:21 am | Reply

  4. Jambrea.
    What an amazing blog. Thank you!
    And I cannot wait to read the final product of Dreams. November is a long way away!


    Comment by Jess Dee — August 11, 2009 @ 11:25 am | Reply

  5. Tez – LOLOL. You just want the Tim Tams.

    Aw, Rhonda – thank you.

    Val – *smooch*


    Comment by Jess Dee — August 11, 2009 @ 11:26 am | Reply

  6. Hey Jess and Jambrea!
    Jess I hope you enjoy your week in the Spotlight, It definitely sounds like you deserve it!!
    Oh and I know I get kicked out of the running for the prize if ask this but …..What are Tim Tams?? LOL


    Comment by Afshan Nawaz — August 14, 2009 @ 5:22 pm | Reply

  7. Afshan, I loved my week in the spotlight.
    Tim Tams are dee-licious Australian cookies/biscuits, smothered in chocolate, and too yummy for words.


    Comment by Jess Dee — August 15, 2009 @ 4:07 am | Reply

  8. Wow – that is so cool. I just left Vivian’s blog and found out how you helped her out and now Jambrea as well!

    Comment by Lynda — August 15, 2009 @ 7:13 am | Reply

    • Lynda – They have helped me just as much.
      My writing wouldn’t be the same without the ladies from IH.


      Comment by Jess Dee — August 15, 2009 @ 8:18 am | Reply

  9. What a great post. Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

    Comment by I Heart Book Gossip — August 19, 2009 @ 1:13 am | Reply

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